Resident Care Services

Resident Care Services

Resident Care

Bethel Place strives to help potential and current residents to understand and facilitate their options for residency, maintaining quality of life as they age in place throughout the residency cycle.

Bethel Place offers a holistic approach to resident care, including the spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual needs of all residents, recognizing that overall health and well-being are enhanced when all these needs are met.

Our Resident Care Services include:

  • Pre-admission assessments
  • Advocacy for support and services as residents age in place
  • Friendly visits
  • Consultations
  • Education

For further information on resident care contact the Resident Care Coordinator.

Home Care Services

Through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, home care services can be provided to residents of Bethel Place and are assessed according to need.

To arrange for an assessment, you, your doctor, or a family member may call the Home Care Intake Line at 204-788-8330 or you can contact the Resident Care Coordinator for assistance.