Rental Guidelines


Rental Guidelines

Criteria for accepting applications have been developed to ensure that the services and facilities Bethel Place provides meet the needs of the residents as well as the mission of Bethel Place.

Staff at Bethel Place carry out the rental process based on these guidelines and a Rental Committee advises and supports management in carrying out the application procedure.

Rental Criteria

Residents need to manage their daily living tasks independently or with the assistance of Home Care, a private agency or family (assistance must be arranged prior to an applicant being considered as resident).

Specifically, the expectation is that all residents will:

  • live in harmony with others, respect other’s privacy, and respect the Christian values of Bethel Place;
  • live independently, manage daily living activities (bathing, dressing, incontinence etc.) and ambulate independently or with the assistance of adaptive devices;
  • function in our community environment, including planning and participating in day-to-day programs and activities of their choice;
  • maintain a clean suite and refrain from modifying or replacing the structural, electrical or plumbing systems and equipment in place; and
  • take medications as prescribed, manage own healthcare and wellness needs, attend appointments and accept necessary assistance/supports as recommended.

All applicants will be considered and processed sensitively with compassion consideration, on the basis of their own merit and in keeping with these criteria and availability of an appropriate rental unit.

Application Procedure

Applications can be requested, or filled out and submitted online, and will be received and processed by Administration at Bethel Place, as well as reviewed by the Rental Committee when required, as follows:

  1. Rental applications will be placed on a waiting list according to the date the completed application is received. The applicant is responsible to contact the Bethel Place office to update changes to their file information (such as contact information or personal changes to residence plans or personal circumstances) when they occur or at least annually, and to indicate a readiness to move.

    • NOTE: The processing of the application, beginning with an assessment meeting, will only proceed after the applicant has indicated by application form or by phone that they would be available to move within a year should a suite become available.

  2. An applicant assessment meeting is required for all applicants who have indicated a readiness to move. Factors considered in the applicant assessment are:

    • date of application
    • whether the applicant plans to pay discounted or base rental rates.
    • level of independent functioning
    • all applicants must satisfy the standard independent living assessment
    • other needs will be considered as they arise

  3. If the assessment process confirms that the applicant fits the criteria for independent living at Bethel Place and wishes to proceed, the application will be placed on a short list in order of the original application date until an appropriate apartment is available, at which time the applicant will be notified. At this point the applicant is shown the suite and the facility. Vacancies determine availability and cannot be predicted.

  4. If the applicant turns down an apartment when available and offered, the applicant’s name will be returned to the short list. The applicant will have a second opportunity to accept an apartment. If the applicant turns down a second opportunity when an apartment is available, the application is removed from the lists, the file closed, and the applicant will be so advised. Subsequent interest will be treated as a new application.

  5. If the applicant does not meet the criteria for independent living, Administration will work with the applicant to access a list of other living options in Winnipeg.

  6. Bethel Place will accept a completed application from a single person or couple who is/are 60 years of age or older (at least one person in the case of a couple). While applications are accepted at age 60, note that successful applicants will be accommodated as residents at the 65 years of age or older.

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