Respectful Community & Concerns


Respectful Community and Concerns

Bethel Place recognizes our legal responsibility and we are committed to building and maintaining a respectful living and work environment, where all people are treated with dignity and respect.

The objective of our respectful community policy is to create awareness of what is considered inappropriate and/or offensive behavior, and to provide a mechanism to have this behavior addressed.

This policy governs the relationship among employees of Bethel Place, as well as the relationship between employees and all clients who provide and receive services from Bethel Place, including residents, family and external service providers.

We believe that employees and clients are entitled to live and work free of harassment and have the responsibility to treat each other with respect. This means:

  • Your safety always comes first

    If you are faced with a potentially violent situation, think of your safety first. Remain calm and if possible, try to distance yourself from the situation. Immediately notify someone in authority. If necessary, notify the police. Call 911.

  • Unwelcome behavior is unacceptable

    Behavior that is not acceptable includes discriminatory, abusive and unwelcome conduct or comments (written or verbal) that create an uncomfortable, hostile or intimidating environment.

Concerns and Complaints

Bethel Place staff and board members welcome the opportunity to improve their services to the best of their ability.

It is expected that from time to time concerns and complaints may arise as a result of the changing needs and circumstances of our residents, clients and community.

The complaint process guides individuals who have a concern or complaint with:

  • Services provided by Bethel Mennonite Care Services Inc. (BMCSI)
  • Another resident
  • An employee

Reporting a complaint

Anyone who has a concern can report a complaint. There are two types and ways of bringing complaints forward:

    1. Informal

      As soon as possible but within two weeks of the incident speak directly with the:

      • person with whom you have an issue or
      • service area where you have an issue


  1. Formal

    If the matter cannot be resolved informally, then you have the option of filing a formal complaint.

Please see the complete BMSCI Respectful Community Policy pamphlet and BMSCI Complaint Policy pamphlet , also available in hard copy at our Front Desk, for further details on these policies, how to file a complaint and our complaint resolution process.