Bethel Place COVID-19 Response

With the prominence of COVID-19 in the news, the Government is announcing additional measures to protect each other by delaying the spread of COVID-19.  Bethel Place continues to take it seriously and is daily monitoring events. The health of Bethel Place is of the utmost importance.

We respectfully ask that all visitors who recently traveled outside of Canada not to visit until 14 days have past or if you are feeling ill in any way.  Please apply hand sanitizer upon entering the building.   Because Bethel Place serves a vulnerable population social distancing should be practiced at all times.  Bethel Place is not a personal care home, however, we want to continue to be proactive and do what we can to keep everyone safe.  As a result, changes have been made to Programming & Services offered at Bethel Place.  For an update on programming and services, please click on “Calendar of Events” to see an updated monthly calendar.

Furthermore, South Oak Inn’s Meal Program will not be offering food services in the dining room but will be providing delivery food service for resident lunches only.  Residents may call 204-284-3762 to place an order and charge a meal to their prepaid account.

Bethel Place is also taking preventative measures to ensure excellent workplace hygiene and the cleaning of all common areas.    All regular maintenance work in resident suites has been postponed, with access only required in the event of an emergency (ie leaking water).

Please remember if you may have been exposed to COVID-19 through direct contact with an ill person or in recent travels, you are being asked to self-isolate and monitor yourself for symptoms for up to 14 days.  Self-isolate and call your health care provider or Health Links 204-788-8200.  For further information go to

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