We Applaud Volunteers for All they Do!

Every year, we love coming together to celebrate the work of our 100+ volunteers. This year, our volunteer appreciation is continuing all month long!

Bethel Place volunteers give a lot of their time getting to know staff and residents – this year we’ve turned our attention to learning more about them.  It turns out, volunteering helps more than the residents of Bethel Place…it gives right back to our volunteers!

How Does Volunteering Enrich Your Life?

“I love to hear the hum of conversation and laughter in the dining room as residents gather together to enjoy the tasty nourishing meals SOI prepares for them.” April B

“Meeting residents and their guests as well as satisfying their unique beverage habits. Also, great exercise (brisk walking) and getting to know fellow volunteers.” Bill R

“I love interacting with the residents, and I always leave on a high. It’s one of the highlights of my week.” Bruno K

“Volunteering enriches my social life as well as getting to know the residents who live at BP.” Erna B

“I enjoy interacting with the people I serve and getting to know them. Talking with the residents and my fellow volunteers has made volunteering something I look forward to.” Ian W

“…I really enjoy the people, they’re always so friendly and kind…. I really feel happy when I’m done my shift.” Karen H

“I love to serve. I was brought up by parents who always had people over and took care of them…that’s how I see volunteering.” Tom A

“I remember my first time when my now friends at table 13 asked me for my phone number. Such flirts. But on a serious side, I absolutely love the interactions that I have with the residents. It has become a highlight for my week.” Werner W

Thank you to our volunteers, who continue to make
Bethel Place and the South Oak Inn the place we love to call home!

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