South Oak Inn is under construction!

As you may have heard, our South Oak Inn dining room is under construction.  Our SOI dining room is 41 years old and has served us well, but is in need of refreshment and numerous improvements.  Over the past 12 months we have been actively planning for the dining room renovation.  Collaboration has taken place with focus groups made up of residents, staff, volunteers, board members, and community partners.  The renovation has a budget of $185,000.  Bethel Place is seeking donations from residents, families, friends, and partners of the BP community to help in covering the cost.

This renovation will not only revitalize the dining room, but will help to enhance residents’ and guests’ dining experience through improved air flow, acoustics, accessibility, and new lighting, flooring, and furnishings.  It is our hope that a totally refreshed SOI dining room will be able to reopen November 2021, and that it will again beat as the heart of our community!

Bethel Place is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organization.

To make a donation, please make cheques payable to:  Bethel Mennonite Care Services Inc.  or donate here:

Your donations will help us keep the pulse of Bethel Place Strong.

We thank you for your generous support!






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